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The Grenadiers

The Grenadiers are a four piece band from Cambridge, Suffolk and Essex. Influenced by bands like 
Ian Dury and The Blockeads, The Small Faces and The Stranglers. The sound is a mixture of 1960/70's. 
A truly great modern band who are fast becoming a fantastic live group.


Kev Scott: Vocals
Matt Hill:  Bass
Gary Cochrane: Guitar
Martin Ward: Drums

Like many of my generation, as a student in the early 1990s, we grew up with some great guitar pop bands of the “Britpop” revival- probably the best known of the era were Oasis and Blur. Great bands, but something didn’t quite click with me despite some admittedly excellent songwriting- they just didn’t seem quite real. Now, the Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Dylan, Kinks, Small Faces and so forth were very successful and made a pile of cash, deservedly so- but I can’t help thinking that wasn’t why they went into the music business. Not fashion, not cash, but because they had an attitude to get across, stories to tell and songs to sing. Nothing retro, just honest rock n roll from the heart, and that was what was lacking so much in the 90s scene. In fact, plastic as they may have been, the Spice Girls, Eternal etc probably had more artistic integrity than all the “credible” acts put together- just because they were unpretentious. They didn’t claim to be the new Beatles, whether either super-arty and middle class cliquey like Blur or the borderline front band boorishness of Oasis.
Of course, guitar bands are great- nothing beats the classic line up of drums, bass and six string. And the Grenadiers combine the proletarian accessibility of the girly-poppers with great live musicianship, tight, punchy and with songs to kill for. They’re not just good but real! Frontman Kev brings back memories of when rock stars were rock stars, not male models or famous because of the bird in tow. Freddie Mercury, Ian Dury, Rod Stewart, Gary Newman, and dare I say it Gary Glitter too. Guitarist Gary takes the classy guitaring of Johnny Marr and builds on it, and the rhythm section have a tight, ska feel to them. Matt brings the bass back to a real part of the formula, much like Paul McCartney, Sting or Roger Waters, rather than like so many modern bands just chugging out the root notes.   An ABSOLUTE must see band- probably THE best classic British pop combo on the scene at the moment.   

for bookings and information email manager David Nevard at davidnevard@me.com

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